Workshop: Recent developments in the Kinetic theory of gases

Workshop: Recent developments in the Kinetic theory of gases

Last week, it was our immense pleasure to host Prof. Henning Struchtrup from University of Victoria (Canada). Henning stayed with us for the whole week sharing his recent research endeavours, stimulating discussions and wisdom.

On July 27th, we hosted a small workshop (Recent developments in the Kinetic theory of gases), which was designed to bring together members of the group (in Warwick and nearby) to explore recent trends and developments in kinetic theory of gases and related areas such as:
(a) numerical methods for the Boltzmann equation
(b) approximation methods in kinetic theory
(c) model reduction and coarse-graining approaches in statistical mechanics
(d) dynamics and phase transitions in liquids.

What actually transpired this workshop was a long, and very interesting discussion on the Reaserch Gate (the Facebook of us academicians) between Prof. Gorban, Dr. Lei Wu and others, myself included. We proposed to organise this workshop in order to facilitate such discussion in an ordinarily manner. We saw eight talks during this workshop, including four talks from the members of MNF@Warwick about their current work.

There were also four invited talks from:

  1. Prof. Henning Struchtrup (Macroscopic Modelling of Rarefied and Vacuum Gas Flows)
  2. Prof. Alexander Gorban (Hydrodynamic manifolds for kinetic equations)
  3. Dr Lei Wu (Efficient numerical methods for gas kinetic equations and their applications)
  4. Prof David Emerson (Successes Using the Method of Moments for Rarefied Phenomena and its Future Development).

We summed up the day with a dinner at The Queen & Castle (Kenilworth) in the company of the speakers.