Warwick Fluids Group hiking trip

Last weekend, in the name of team bonding, the Warwick contingent of our group joined the rest of the Warwick Fluid Dynamics Research Centre for our annual hiking trip, providing a good opportunity for some of our newer members to get to know the other staff in the department. The destination was Llanberis in North Wales, with the trail being a disused slate mine, which is still home to a lot of the old mining equipment along with a series of caves and tunnels through the mountain. However, before any walking could take place, tradition had to be adhered to with no less than 6 people going for a swim in what I'm assured was "actually quite warm" water in a nearby lake (pictured). At 10pm. In October. In Wales. Below are some pictures of the hike.

At the end of the at-times-treacherous hike, we all had survived and some of the more hipster people in our group even managed to return home with some rusted junk they could convert into a household item, so all in all a successful trip.