Three months and counting….

    It has been over three months since I became a part of Mathematics Institute at University of Warwick and this Micro Nano Flows for Engineering group–what a very pleasant and learning experience. 
    I had the opportunity to visit the Nokia Bell Labs in Dublin (with a legacy of eight Nobel prizes) with Dr. James Sprittles and Prof. Duncan Lockerby to explore start-of-the-art physical understanding of liquid-vapor phase transitions. It was a great educational experience how various surface structures such as nanopores can be used to manipulate these processes to improve heat transfer performance. Thanks to our host Dr. Ryan Enright at Nokia Bell Labs (and of course Duncan and James), I get to explore some nice steakhouse, restaurants and pubs in Dublin under stars. 
    The visit from Prof. David Emerson from Daresbury Laboratory was inspiring. 
    Last week, it was our pleasure to host Prof. Manuel Torrilhon from RWTH Aachen in Germany for two days (16-17 November) at University of Warwick. On 16th, after some stimulating discussions and brain storming session with our group at University of Warwick, Prof. Torrilhon shared his point of view on "Modelling of Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows Based on Moment Equations". Below is a picture of Manuel working on fundamental solutions: