The 5th MNF2016 conference in Milan

The 5th MNF2016 conference is being held at the Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) in the wonderful city of Milan. The university was established in 1863 so is over 150 years old and has a long and impressive history. It is also ranked #1 in Italy and highly ranked internationally so a very fitting place for the meeting. Early registration took place on Sunday night in the Aula Magna, a very grand and impressive building.

The start of the conference was Monday but attendees trying to get to the main auditorium were confronted by the main entrance being cordoned off. Why? Well it was closed because Milan were hosting a round of the Italian Master Chef series. Hopes were high for a grand lunchtime meal but these were quickly dashed by the organisers! Clearly an opportunity missed by Master Chef with all of those discerning international palates waiting…

Today was quite busy for the Micro and Nano Flows for Engineering group – we were chairing one of the opening sessions with Dave Stephenson speaking in the afternoon. Tuesday will be equally busy with talks by David Emerson in the morning and Srinivasa Ramisetti in the afternoon. This is complemented by Dr Lei Wu, a colleague from Strathclyde also talking in the morning session.