Yixin Zhang

PhD Student, University of Warwick

I obtained my masters degree on thermofluids engineering in July 2017 and bachelors degree on aircraft power engineering in July 2015, both from Harbin Institute of Technologu in China.

In October 2017 I have joined the MNF group as a PhD student majoring in fluid mechanics at University of Warwick. My current research direction is studying rupture and stability of thin liquid films on substrates.

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Capillary wave under shea...

It is known the thermally excited capillary wave can make a liquid-gas interface rough. We also k

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Thermal fluctuations in H...

I recently read an interesting  paper showing  in human cell,   the nucleoli exhibit subtle, but

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Nanowire liquid pumps...

This fascinating video is from a paper titled "Nanowire liquid pumps" published in Nature Nanotechon

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