Sergiu Busuioc

Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

I am a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Edinburgh since Feb 2019. My aim is to apply and extend a mean-field kinetic theory approach to improve the fundamental understanding of non-equilibrium fluid flows involving phase change.  


My doctoral thesis focused on the development of Lattice Boltzmann models for liquid-vapour systems and rarefied gas dynamics, supervised by Dr. Victor Sofonea at the West University of Timisoara (2015-2019). In this research, Lattice Boltzmann models were successfully applied to three types of problems: single-component liquid-vapour systems with constant or variable temperature (droplet formation in T-junction geometries, cavitation and growth of bubbles in a quiescent fluid), rarefied gas flows in curvilinear geometries (circular Couette flow, heat transfer between coaxial cylinders and concentric spheres, flow in a gradually expanding channel and the shock wave propagation with cylindrical and spherical symmetry) and multicomponent flows on curved surfaces (bynary mixture flows on a torus).

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