Martin Nikiforidis

PhD Student, University of Edinburgh

I graduated with a degree in Physics  from the Department of Physics, University of Patras in 2014. In 2016 I obtained my Masters Degree (MSc) in Medical Physics at University of Patras.

From  June 2017 I am a PhD student at the Multiscale Fluid Unit in the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh. My PhD research focuses on Nanoscale Dynamic of Ice formation with emphasis to molecular simulations of heterogeneous ice nucleation over chilled surfaces.

Author of these posts:

How to Supercool Water...

One of the interesting facts about water is that it does not always freeze at 273.15 K. Actually

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Nucleation: from water va...

Homogeneous vapor-to-liquid nucleation takes place when the water molecules in the gaseous ph

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