Eunji Jun

PhD Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

I am a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Edinburgh since January 2019. My aim is to develop, and validate new models for particle-laden flows and new multiscale methods for micro/nano flows using particle and continuum open source software such as SPARTA, dsmcFoam+, OpenFOAM and MUI.

My main research interests focus on developing accurate and efficient numerical schemes to solve the Boltzmann equation for flows in thermodynamic non-equilibrium. My doctoral dissertation focused on multiscale simulations of hypersonic rarefied flows, supervised by Professor Iain D. Boyd, in the non-equilibrium gas and plasma dynamics laboratory at the University of Michigan (2006-2012). In this research, non-equilibrium flows were simulated with DSMC, LD (low diffusion) and LD-DSMC algorithms using the  MONACO software. In the Production Engineering Center of Samsung SDI (South Korea, 2013-2016), I had applied dsmcFOAM and hybrid DSMC algorithms to industrial problems, such as in high vacuum systems, sublimation purification, and fuel cells. In DLR (German Aerospace Center, Germany, 2016-2018), I developed a Fokker-Planck (FP) all-particle solver. Various types of this FP and FP-DSMC hybrid methods were developed for accurate and efficient simulations of rarefied gas flow at all Knudsen numbers using SPARTA.

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