Dr Mykyta Chubynsky

Research Fellow, University of Warwick

I am a Research Fellow in the Mathematics Institute at Warwick working with James Sprittles and Duncan Lockerby. For the first two years, I was supported by a Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant and did computational modelling of collisions of liquid droplets between themselves and with solid surfaces. During such collisions, the thickness of the intervening air film can become comparable to the mean free path of the air molecules, so taking into account gas kinetic (or rarefied gas) effects becomes important. I have also contributed to the project involving Micro & Nano Flows members at Warwick and Edinburgh studying the role of surface fluctuations in droplet coalescence. Currently, I am a part of a large collaboration that develops approaches for additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing). I work on a computational tool that should enable modelling of fluid dynamics, wetting, phase change, heat and mass transfer and other processes that occur during 3D printing.

I am a theoretical physicist by training and while my formal coursework in fluid dynamics consisted of about five undergraduate lectures in total, I did do some research involving fluids in the past. In particular, in a series of projects at the University of Ottawa in Canada I studied how charged biomolecules move in a salt solution in an electric field (electrophoresis) and one of my undergraduate projects was on reflection of waves from a plasma boundary. I have also worked on a model of “anomalous yet Brownian” diffusion and a Monte Carlo algorithm for simulating diffusion (which, coincidentally, is related to some Lattice Boltzmann algorithms for fluid dynamics simulations), as well as various models of rigidity percolation in elastic networks with applications to amorphous solids.

More information about my past research can be found on my website.

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