Dr Jianfei Xie

Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

I am currently working on an exciting new project: explicitly connecting the governing gas/gas and gas/surface interactions at a molecular scale to the continuum fluid dynamics in the bulk. Starting with the aeronautic engineering, especially the aerodynamics and structures of airplane, I keep working on the fluid dynamics including both gas and liquid flows at different scales, from the macroscopic one to micro/nano scales. Expertises in micro/nano scale mass and heat transfer, droplet evaporation and condensation, two-phase flow in porous media and natural convection of newtonian/non-newtonian fluid flows. Computational approaches include molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, kinetic theory modelling and conventional computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Author of these posts:

MicroFluidics and Non-Equ...

The 5th European Conference on Microfluidcs and the 3rd European Confenrencen on Non-Equilibrium Gas

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During the past two decades, we see the fast development and wide applications of nanotechnologi

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