Dr Anirudh Rana

Research Fellow, University of Warwick

I am currently working as a Research Fellow in the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick (Coventry, UK). Before joining University of Warwick I worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in theDepartment of Aerospace and System Engineering at Gyeongsang National University (South Korea) with Prof. Myong Rho Shin. I completed my PhD in mechanical engineering entitled “Numerical simulation of rarefied gas flow in micro and vacuum devices”; with Prof. Henning Struchtrup at University of Victoria (Victoria BC, Canada) in the year 2014. I was also visiting fellow at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and the Department of Mathematics (CCES), RWTH Aachen University (Germany) with Prof. Manuel Torrilhon during my PhD.

My research activities focus on scientific aspects of modelling and simulating real world processes. My research interests and background include: (a) Non-equilibrium thermodynamics (b) Kinetic theory of gases (c) Computational fluid dynamics (d) Computational rheology (e) Granular flows (f) Numerical methods for hyperbolic-parabolic systems (g) Monte-Carlo methods (h) Molecular Dynamics.

During my PhD, I studied extended fluid dynamics theories, such as Grad-13 moment equations, Burnett equations, regularized moment equations, describing non-equilibrium phenomena in gases at micro-nano- scale arising from rarefaction effects. In particular, I studied various boundary value problems to understand flow properties at high Knudsen number. This study also included derivation of the velocity slip and temperature jump boundary conditions for macroscopic extended thermodynamic equations. It was demonstrated that the moment equations offer valuable insight into the non-equilibrium process, such as those found in MEMS and partial vacuumed devices, while their computational cost are several orders of magnitude below that required for the highly accurate solutions such as direct simulation Monte-Carlo (DSMC) simulations.

The majority of my current research applies in development of higher order mathematical models for non- equilibrium gas flows involving evaporation and condensation.

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