SuperComputing 2016!

For those that haven't heard of the HPC conference known as SuperComputing (, the 2016 installment is once again beind held in Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA between the 13th and the 18th of November. it is undoubtedly one of the biggest high performance computing conferences in the world and while lots of the content is as you would expect (our chip is bigger and faster than our chip last year and of course its always bigger and faster than their chip), there are also many people who use SuperComputing to show off their latest and greatest applications.

The 2016 conference actually has a large number of Molecular Dynamics presentations, therefore as the resident MicroNanoFlows computer geek I've been nominated to go and have a look!

I'll be there all week and during that time will be micro-blogging on what I have seen, you can be guranteed that much of it will be cutting edge or at the very least an exciting new announcement. I'll look forward to reporting on exciting new work like "Increasing Molecular Dynamics Simulation Rates with an 8-Fold Increase in Electrical Power Efficiency", "Enhanced MPSM3 for Applications to Quantum Biological Simulations" and "Modeling Dilute Solutions Using First-Principles Molecular Dynamics: Computing More than a Million Atoms with Over a Million Cores", to name but a few.

My next posts will be from SC'16!