SuperComputing 2016 Day 2 (Tuesday)

So here's day 2! Today was the start of the technical sessions rather than just the vendor exhibitions, there are a huge number of streams all running concurrently, so unfortunately as there is only one of me I had to pick and choose carefully where to be (no point in selecting something that is a 15 minute walk away if I only have 5 minutes between things…).

The day started with an interesting keynote from Katharine Frase, formerly of IBM research, talking about how cognitive computing can be used to accelerate our lives. Her talk was understandably thin on technicalities but gave a good overview of how cognitive computing approaches might be used to help some of the most important aspects of our lives such as healthcare or education. The stage she presented on was really impressive too! 

The rest of the day was spent either manning the STFC exhibition or at technical sessions. Three of the most ineresting were looking at various aspects of how to accelerate Molecular Dynamics simulations. Mostly this involved modifying LAMMPS but the over riding feedback is that memory structure is first and foremost key (which LAMMPS already does well) followed by good use of modern SIMD programming practices to enhance vectorisation.

All told a very interesting day, more of the same tomorrow!