Successful ARCHER RAP project grant

Benzi John (PI) and David Emerson (Co-I) have successfully won about 32, 000 KAU (~ £18,000) frunding from EPSRC to run large-scale simulations on ARCHER. The project titled "High fidelity non-equilibrium DSMC flow simulations at scale using SPARTA" will run for 12 months, starting from August 1st 2017. 

ARCHER is the UK's national supercomputing service based around a Cray XC30 supercomputer. EPSRC offers access to ARCHER through calls for proposals to the Resource Allocation Panel (RAP) through which users can request significant amounts of computing resource. The main aim of our project is to investigate the potential for carrying out large-scale rarefied gaseous flow problems using SPARTA. SPARTA is an exascale-capable, open-source code very recently developed at Sandia National Laboratories, designed to work efficiently on massively parallel computers. Over the course of this project, we intend to carry out selected large scale DSMC simulations related to studying a) supersonic gas flow dynamics in the low-pressure regions of a mass spectrometer, b) droplet evaporation and c) aerodynamics of flow past bluff bodies like cylinder. We hope that HPC computing resources available on ARCHER, together with the codes' scaling capabilities, will enable us to carry out the necessary testing, benchmarking, and parallel simulations at a high-fidelity scale.