MicroFluidics and Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows Conference 2018

The 5th European Conference on Microfluidcs and the 3rd European Confenrencen on Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows (NEGF) had been held on 28th of Febraury – 2nd March at the University of Strasboug, France. Two members from our MNF Group, Prof. David Emerson and I, and one of Prof. Yonghao Zhang's Postdocs, Dr. Minh-Tuan Ho attended this joint conference, and we all gave 15 minutes long presentations. David also chaired my session on the second day afternoon of the conference. Lots of simulations and modelling had been presented in the conferene on NEGF, including the conventional direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) solver for rarefied gases and molecular dyanmics (MD) simulations such as CH4/CO2 molecules hitting graphitic walls. There were plenty of experiments of microfluidics, including the vapour adsorption phenomena onto liquid desiccant droplets (the presnter who is a first-yesr PhD student in Japan was awarded the first prize for the best presentiaons) and microchannel flows such as formation dynamics of ferrofluid droplets in a T-junction. The psoters were also very exciting and many beatiful works had been displayed during the coffee break. The local French committee did a really good job and were very helpful. The next conference will be held in Germany in 2020 and all are welcome to present and share their interesting research. (I got the soft copies of abstracts of this conference and I am happy to send them to you if you are interested)