Micro & Nano Flows Software Downloads

We develop a number of software applications, primarily within the open source CFD software package OpenFOAM. We provide two key applications, mdFoam+ and dsmcFoam+, these are direct continuations of the applications found by downloading the standard OpenFOAM package.

Our software is available as a customised OpenFOAM repository through a public GitHub repository here. Installing this will povide a fully working OpenFOAM installation along with our updated Molecular Dynamics (mdFoam+) and Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (dsmcFoam+) applications as well as new tutorial cases and associated documentation.

The repository can be downloaded directly as a TarBall here or as a Zip file here.

We welcome interaction from other researchers/enthusiasts and will consider any application for addition to the developer team for our software projects. Please use GitHub to apply for these rights if you would like them.

Other Links

The EPSRC, our main sponsor’s website: www.epsrc.ac.uk

For research opporunities in this and related areas, search: jobs.ac.uk and cfd-online.