Funding for Early Career Researchers

One day, the snug protective blanket of the Micro & Nano Flows group will be removed and you will have to find a job.  At this point you may look at your CV and panic that it is rather sparse (let's be honest, no one cares too much about your grade 3 on flute or your orange belt in karate).  How to avoid this scenario?

Despite the well-funded nature of our group, it is worth considering applying for 'small pots of money' that may (a) be useful to fund additional activities and (b) would demonstrate to any potential employer that you are highly motivated and can win grants.  For example, this could fund:

  • travel – e.g. to setup a new collaboration by making an extended trip abroad
  • workshop organisation – e.g. to engage with people outside your main discipline
  • computing time – to run simulations on HPC facilities

Typically such grants would be for a few thousand pounds and the application procedure would be relatively straightforward. 

What I thought would be useful is to setup a section Funding for Early Career Researchers under the Opportunities tab, where people can contribute with their experience of winning small grants (i.e. those which PhD/PDRAs can apply for) – hope it helps.