Fourth OpenFOAM UK&I User Meeting

The fourth OpenFOAM UK&I user meeting was held at Exeter university last week on the 18th and 19th of April. The next event is expected to be held at Warwick university but details are still being confirmed.

I have reported these events on this blog before but for anybody either using, or interested in using OpenFOAM for their research they are a valuable (and yet free) event well worth making the effort to go to. The intention is that this event travels all over the UK & Ireland (as the name suggests!), it has now been as far south as Exeter and as far north as Warrington within England, but now needs to spread its wings further and make it to Scotland, Wales or Ireland. To get involved in organising one of these events please contact either the last organising committee ( or the authors of the foam-extend project (, or come along to the next one and volunteer!

The first day saw a number of training events around OpenFOAM using the computing facilities at Exeter university while the second day saw a number of invited talks from the OpenFOAM community, showing a diverse set of works ranging from FSI with OpenFOAM through to the use of OpenFOAM to design 3D printed heat exchanges and its use in refining the design of ovens used to cook pastry based products!

There was lively discussion throughout the day, culminating in a discussion about the current HPC performance of OpenFOAM and whether a) it needs to be improved, b) what needs to be improved and c) how do we do it as a community? The general concencus was that performance was below par and many reduce the scope of their problems to fit OpenFOAM rather than the other way around, this can't be the right way! Performance is clearly something that the community needs to tackle and so a number from the meeting went away with making this a priority within their organisations… so watch this space!