Engaging with the public

It's always intriguing to see how other people view your research. According to the University of Warwick's graphics team, this is what I do:

The GIF shows that when a liquid spreads over a solid it must displace a microscopic air film whose height is comparable to the mean free path in the gas.  Incorporating this physics into a dynamic wetting framework, by solving the Boltzmann equation, is the subject of my recent article in Physical Review Letters.

Along with the Letter, Warwick put out a short Press Release whose success can be tracked using Altmetric, a citation score for press coverage.  I've also just written a short piece for The Conversation.

Writing these articles aimed at the public has been challenging as a lot of rigour/citation/humbleness is removed by the Editors, but I hope it will at least attract some attention to our Group's work in multiscale and multiphysics fluid dynamics.