British Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2018, St Andrews

This week I attended the BAMC in St Andrews. I have given a talk as part of the “Multiscale  Analysis of Porous Media” mini-symposium. I spoke about modelling and upscaling multiphase flow in porous media and the session also included talks on upscaling the poro-elastic properties of soil, the growth of potatoes and using image-based modelling to investigate plant-fertiliser interaction.

There are a wide range of topics were presented and discussed at BAMC, which has combined with the UK Magnetohydrodynamics Meeting this year. In my own work I am modelling phenomena at the millimetre and micrometre scale, but I have had the opportunity to attend interesting talks that aim to model much larger scales, such as the formation of the Milky Way and waves in oceans. Mathematical biology was also a popular topic. There were presentations and posters on the more familiar topics of drop impacts and optimisation.

I have attended talks on the history of mathematics and have learnt that 19th Century mathematicians could be really mean to each other! Even going as far as writing whole books to explain just how wrong they thought the other person was. Luckily, most of the attendees here did not share this attitude and were friendly.