BAMC (24-26, April, Bath, UK)

The British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMC) was held on April 24/26 at the University of Bath. Four members (James, Sreehari, Yixin and I) from our MNF group attended this conference and gave presentations.

Dr James Sprittles presented some recent advances about ‘Bouncing off the Walls: Gas-Kinetic & van der Waals Effects in Drop Impact’ on the session ‘Droplets’. There were lots of interesting talks about droplet dynamics in this session including capillary walking, the influence of complex substrates and transportation by bendotaxis. I was particularly interested in the talk ‘Droplet dynamics over heterogeneous substrates with mass transfer’, given by Danny Groves, a PhD students from the University of Cardiff. In this talk, they provided with detailed numerical solutions of 3D lubrication equations based on the boundary integral methods, which was related to our work about thin film instability and wetting at small scales.

Sreehari and I gave talks about our recent published works on the coalescence of nano-droplets and instability of liquid nano-jets respectively on the Minisymposium, ‘Fluctuating Hydrodynamics’, chaired by James and Professor Serafim Kalliadasis from Imperial College. Yixin presented his achievements about the nano-thin-film instability in the session ‘thin film’. After the conference, Yixin and I also had a nice discussion with Sergio Perez, a PhD student from Imperial College to get a further understanding of the numerical methods of the stochastic PDEs.

Moreover, Bath is a fantastic city to visit with beautiful old buildings and street. Walking along the Avon River is very enjoyable.