Current Positions

1) Funded PhD studentship in Nanoscale Interfacial Fluid Dynamics (more details here)


2) Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2 years) in Warwick University, UK, on Drop Impact & the Leidenfrost Effect

Closing Date: 20 September 2018 

Details here:



Ongoing Opportunities

Enthusiastic and talented researchers are encouraged to apply for Postdoctoral Fellowships and PhD Scholarships to join our vibrant collaborative Micro and Nanoflows for Engineering network.  A number of potential funding routes exist, depending on the applicant's circumstances, and these can be explored by contacting us at 'micronanoflows at'.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Potential funding routes include:

PhD Scholarships

For up to date information, please check the graduate school pages of the University of Edinburgh and the University of Warwick. Specific opportunities include:

Funding for Early Career Researchers (small pots of money)

Below are some possible sources of funding for PhD and PDRAs.  Please update whenever you find a new source or have more details of an existing one.  Eligibility is often unclear, so if in doubt email the appropriate contact and then update the details below.


  • access to ARCHER - there are 2 RAP calls for 2017 for 6 - 12 months of access to ARCHER, funded by EPSRC
  • embedded CSE (eCSE) support - only one eCSE call remains (see here); this call provides money to employ PDRAs/computational scientists to help maintain software sustainability and that runs on ARCHER


Workshop Organisation

Other Possibilities

Royal Society, Wellcome Trust, 



Latest Blog Posts

Recent Publications

R Pillai, JD Berry, DJE Harvie, MR Davidson (2017) Electrophoretically mediated partial coalescence of a charged microdropChemical Engineering Science, 169: 273-283. (access here)

JF Xie, BY Cao (2017) Fast nanofluidics by travelling surface wavesMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics, 21: 111 (access here)

AP Gaylard, A Kabanovs, J Jilesen, K Kirwan, DA Lockerby (2017) Simulation of rear surface contamination for a simple bluff bodyJournal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 165: 13-22. (full paper here)