Thermal fluctuations in nanoscale fluid interfaces

My current research focuses on the hydrodynamics fluctuations in nano-jets. The earliest research (Moseler M., Sci. 2000) found new double-cone rupture profiles due to thermal fluctuations (molecule motions), which the Navier-Stokes models failed to predict. Our research shows that these fluctuations not only affect the final rupture profiles but also change the wavelengths of perturbations. 

Moreover, I have found that thermal fluctuation effect widely exists in the nanofluids, especially those with the interfaces. So I summarized some previous research in the figure above and listed the literature (links) below.

(1)Nanojet flows:  
[1.1] Moseler M.,  2000
[1.2] Egger J., 2002
[1.3] Hennequin Y., 2006
[1.4] Kang W., 2007
[1.5] Petit J., 2012
(2)Drop coalescence
[2.1] Dirk G. A., 2004
(3)Fluid mixture
[3.1] Kadau k., 2007
(4) Moving contact lines
[4.1] Perrin H., 2016
[4.2] Belardinelli D., 2016
[4.3] Davidovitch B., 2005
(5) Bubble
[5.1]  Gallo M., 2018
(6) Thin film
[6.1] Grun G., 2005
[6.2] Fetzer R., 2007
[6.3] Diez J. A., 2016

Although the phenomena above is distinct, mathematical models were derived from the same equations, Landau and Lifshitz Navier-Stokes equations (LLNS). What's more, particle methods (MD or DSMC) can be employed to support the new physical models as numerical experiments.
Therefore, there are lots of opportunities for us to employ both math models and simulations to study this interesting topic. 

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R Pillai, JD Berry, DJE Harvie, MR Davidson (2017) Electrophoretically mediated partial coalescence of a charged microdropChemical Engineering Science, 169: 273-283. (access here)

JF Xie, BY Cao (2017) Fast nanofluidics by travelling surface wavesMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics, 21: 111 (access here)

AP Gaylard, A Kabanovs, J Jilesen, K Kirwan, DA Lockerby (2017) Simulation of rear surface contamination for a simple bluff bodyJournal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 165: 13-22. (full paper here)